About Moringa Unstoppable Health Center Plus

The Miracle Tree

Moringa is often called “The Tree of Life” or “The Miracle Tree”, but it actually looks more like a large bush than a tree. It has been consumed and used for therapeutic benefit for centuries in Africa and Asia as a natural medicine, as the leave, pods, seeds and even roots are edible.

Historical data shows that it has been consumed since 2,000 BC as a therapeutic herbal medicine. As its popularity grew its cultivation spread across east Asia, West Africa and the Mediterranean. In ancient Egypt, the plant was used for the moisturizing benefits of its rich oil and was later introduced to the Romans. Moringa oleifera is the most complete, nutrient-rich superfood on Earth and today this life saving miracle plant is cultivated and enjoyed around the world.

Our Mission

At Moringa Unstoppable Health Center Plus, we are dedicated to cultivating the world’s finest Moringa Oleifera leaves from our organic family farm in Ghana, West Africa to benefit the health of people worldwide.

We ensure that the healthiest and safest product is delivered to your kitchen. Moringa Unstoppable is a testament to both our organic farm and our dedication to providing the highest quality product possible.

Our Process

Our Moringa Oleifera powder comes from a gentle process that slowly dehydrates the leaves at low temperature so as to not damage the significant nutrients contained within. By gently removing the water, we keep the powder raw and its many beneficial compounds active and bioavailable. This results in a very versatile final product easily used in any kitchen for hot or cold recipes.

Eating Moringa is good for the whole family!


What Happens When You Drink Moringa Everyday