Benefits of Moringa

We all struggle to balance work, family, and the time investment it takes to eat right. Moringa Oleifera powder makes the search for optimal nutrition so much easier. It is the world’s most incredibly nutritious plant and your single source superfood. Moringa UNSTOPPABLE makes it easy to get the nutrition you need every day, from a whole plant superfood source.

Some specific benefits of moringa include:

All Essential Amino Acids

This nutrient-dense whole leaf powder is approximately 30% protein and 40% fiber. What makes it a complete protein is that it contains all the essential amino acids. Protein is essential to supporting muscle maintenance and fiber can help maintain proper digestive health.

Antioxidant Minerals

Along with these macronutrients, Moringa also contains calcium, potassium and other minerals that support bone density and proper electrolyte balance. Due to the historically claimed benefits, many of the antioxidant compounds are being supported by modern science with hundreds of clinical studies.

Treats Medical Conditions

Moringa has overwhelmed the scientific communities with its tremendous health restoration potential. It has been used to treat conditions such as, epilepsy arthritis, rheumatism, anemia, cancer, malnutrition diabetes, stomach complications such as spasms, ulcers, stomach pain and constipation.

A Multivitamin in a Plant

The leaves contain all the necessary amino acids for growing strong bodies and contain levels of nutrients and vitamins equivalent to several different foods. All in one plant. It is like taking a multivitamin all in one plant!


Moringa oleifera has been found to act as powerful anti inflammatory it naturally contains 36 types of anti inflammatory agents, antifungal, and anti cholesterol.

Clinically Proven

Clinically proven to Reduce inflammation boost Immunity Lower blood pressure fight fatigue, increase energy, protect skin from aging, improve digestive health and many more.

Moringa Benefits

One hundred grams of moringa, compared to equivalent servings of more common health foods, contains  higher quantities of vitamins and nutrients needed to combat various ailments.


TWICE the protein of yogurt

Proteins are the basic building blocks of our bodies


AS MUCH vitamin C as an orange

Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and fights infectious viruses such as the common cold and flu


FOUR times the vitamin A in carrots

Vitamin A acts as a shield against diseases of the eyes, skin and heart, diarrhea, and many other ailments


THREE times the potassium of bananas

Potassium is essential for the brain health and nervous system functions


FOUR times the calcium of milk

Calcium builds strong bones and teeth, and helps prevent osteoporosis


AS MUCH iron as a 200g portion of steak

A proper level of iron in one’s diet helps prevent colon cancer, high cholesterol and anemia