Frequently Asked Questions

How does it taste?

Moringa leaf powder has been described as similar to wheatgrass but with a slightly more assertive flavor, as in rapine or spinach combined with pecans. That’s because extremely nutritious plants produce phytonutrients that are jam-packed with flavor and it’s a sign of their nutritional value.

What is the suggested use?

Put Moringa Unstoppable powder in smoothies, fresh juice, desserts, or sprinkled in sauces soups cereal, and baked treat. simply mix Moringa Unstoppable powder into a glass of fresh cold or hot water with lemon, honey and enjoy it.

How much should I take?

The standard Suggested use 1 tablespoons. At that dose, you’ll experience the benefits of Moringa in less than no time.

Can’t get enough? You’re not alone. In the countries where it grows, people who know about the benefits use Moringa leaf everyday.

As with any new food or supplement, it’s advisable to increase use gradually.

What are the health benefits of Moringa Unstoppable Powder?

Supported by science with hundreds of clinical studies, Moringa has been consumed for centuries as a nutritional supplement. The powerful nutrients in Moringa Powder:

reduce inflammation
fight fatigue and increase energy
protect skin from aging and damage
improve digestive health
boost immunity
lower blood pressure
And more! The benefits of Moringa are proven through hundreds of clinical studies, and new findings are published regularly confirming what natural medicine practitioners have known for hundreds of years.

In the countries where Moringa grows, pregnant women are encouraged to use Moringa leaves during pregnancy and postpartum. There is evidence from research that Moringa does, in fact, safely increase milk production among new mothers, due to that Moringa are marketed expressly for that purpose.

Is Moringa safe for children?

Moringa is loaded with nutrients that are important for children’s growth and development: iron, vitamin A, calcium, amino acids, omega-3s and more.

As with any food or supplement, if you choose to give it to your children, begin with the smallest dose. Add about 1teaspoond  Moringa powder to a smoothie.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Moringa is extremely safe because it is known to lower blood sugar levels.

What time of day is best to take Moringa Unstoppable?

Moringa can be taken at any time of day. There is no caffeine or known stimulants. However, because Moringa is naturally energizing some people do prefer to take it in the morning or afternoon.

What are the ingredients in Moringa Unstoppable powder?

Nothing but 100% raw, Pure organic Moringa leaf powder, washed in pure spring water our whole food powder comes from a gentle process that slowly dehydrates the leaves at low temperature so as not to damage the significant nutrients it contains. By gently removing the water, we keep the powder raw and its many beneficial compounds active and bioavailable. This results in a very versatile final product easily used in any kitchen for hot or cold recipes.